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Due to high demand we are temporarily replacing any red rolling bags with camo rolling bags and the red backpacks shown with a similar red backpack. 


We apologize for any inconveniences!


2 Person Elite Kit

Why do I need a disaster kit?

No one is immune to disasters!  In the event of an earthquake, flood, tornado, hurricane or fire you may need to evacuate immediately from your area or you may need to shelter in and stay in place without having the luxury of running to your nearest store for everyday supplies.


This is where a disaster kit is vital to have.  It generally takes 3-5 days for authorities or relief workers to arrive with supplies.  What will you do during those days with out food, running water or electricity?


We do all the work for you with our disaster kits.  They contain the bare necessities for self preservation and are packed in a convenient backpack, duffel bag or bucket to easily “GRAB & GO” or shelter in place.

Survival Kits

Food Storage

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