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     During times of high demand, we may replace the standard

red Elite backpack with a different style backpack.


Concurrently, the costs of doing business and procuring quality products have risen.  The majority of our suppliers have been applying price increases to us beginning early this year and have continued through mid year.  To date we have absorbed all or our increased costs internally but will now need to adjust our prices.  This will allow us to ensure the high quality, efficient fulfillment and customer service standards that we work hard to maintain on a daily basis.  We will continue to offer promotions and discounts as we normally do throughout the year.

Our new pricing will go into effect August 1, 2020.  All of the new prices reflect the addition of a new reusable and washable face mask to replace the traditional N95 masks. 

Thank you all for your continued support in our small family business and feel free to contact us to discuss any way we can help support your needs in being prepared.



During high demand , we cannot guarantee any exact shipment times based on the uncertainty of the potential for unforeseen supply chain constraints. We do however have a secure level of confidence that we will be able to continue receiving supply shipments of most of our products in order to keep a substantial volume of kits shipping out.



2 Person Elite Kit

2 Person Elite Kit

Why do I need a disaster kit?

No one is immune to disasters!  In the event of an earthquake, flood, tornado, hurricane or fire you may need to evacuate immediately from your area or you may need to shelter in and stay in place without having the luxury of running to your nearest store for everyday supplies.


This is where a disaster kit is vital to have.  It generally takes 3-5 days for authorities or relief workers to arrive with supplies.  What will you do during those days with out food, running water or electricity?


We do all the work for you with our disaster kits.  They contain the bare necessities for self preservation and are packed in a convenient backpack, duffel bag or bucket to easily “GRAB & GO” or shelter in place.

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